Join us for three weeks of learning, sharing and experiencing as mobile communities on bikes!

Learn about Permaculture, Solidarity Economy and Self-Organisation – far away from stuffy seminar rooms, but on your bike, in the open. Directly from exchanging with people who are putting other ways of living into practice and others that are trying to do the same – And discover how these diverse approaches can help us to live lives less determined by external necessities and less characterized by alienation from our natural and social environment, ourselves and others.

We will not only discuss the topic of alienation and our three approaches to challenge it theoretically, but visit real life initiatives that already adapted alternative ways of living and learn directly from their experiences! We will exchange ideas and knowledge and make this outdoor-seminar a very practical learning experience.

We will cycle for around two weeks from three different places in Germany and Poland and then have a final meeting where all the three groups meet for five days in Valec, Czech Republic. Arriving there, we want to share everything the groups came along on their tours, have workshops, make future plans…


Apply until June 14th

Cycle from

28th July to August 17th on the Permaculture Tour starting in Wrocław
30th July to August 17th on the Solidarity Economy Tour starting in Weimar
25th July to August 17th on the Self-O Tour starting near Kassel

 the whole trip3

How does the trip look like?

There will be “cycling days” and days where we stay in one place to visit initiatives to see how they deal with the topics we talk about and learn from their experiences or to have a practical workshop day.

Every day will start with a common breakfast. On a cycling day, we will then pack our stuff and distribute the common food and equipment equally among us. We then set off for the road and cycle around 4-8 hours a day, or roughly 50 km. Sometime in the afternoon, we will arrive at a nice place for the night and set up our camp.

Then on the next day we will usually stay at the place for a day and visit projects, people and initiatives who are putting the approaches we are dealing with into practice. These days will also give us time to take part in practical and theoretical workshops and discuss different topics amongst the group, sharing our personal experience. We can prepare some public events and put them into action to actively involve the places we bike through and have an exchange of ideas and thoughts with different groups of people.

Every day we will of course also find some time to enjoy the landscape, relax, plan further activism, engage in discussions… After that we will finish the day together at some campfire or/and together with the initiative that hosts us.
At the end all three tours will meet for five days to exchange and share everything they learned at their tour, have new workshops and make future plans.

Why cycle?

Cycling is a perfect way to show we care! As a slower way of travelling, cycling allows time for reflection and awareness of our environment. It makes the journey the destination and it is a self-independent, practical way of travelling. We use our own energy; we are travelling without emission and low consumption. We make the journey our learning destination, and we want to learn outside closed rooms – not separated from the people. In short: we are collective action – we are a cycling community!

Money & legal stuff

There is a participation fee of 30€/45€/60€, to be paid before the tours start. You can decide how much you pay according to your economic situation, if you can you can also pay more to support the project and make it possible for others with less money to participate. The money will be 100% used to cover expenses during the tours. We also applied and will be applying for additional funding to cover as many of the costs as possible. We will know about additional finance only shortly before the tours, there is a possibility the participation fee and funding will not cover all costs and we will have to share the difference somehow amongst all of us, but as we will be camping and travelling on bikes costs will be low.

We will not be able to provide insurance for people joining us or be in any way liable for what happens to you or your belongings on the tour. This means you alone are responsible for your personal safety, your belongings and actions during the tour. You will have to take care of your own health insurance cover or any other insurance covers you feel you may need.

How to participate?

We would be happy to have you on the tours, if:

  1. The thoughts behind our vision have crossed your mind as well & you want to find out more about permaculture, solidarity economy or self-organisation and structures based on cooperation, solidarity and sustainability
  2. You are eager to join the mobile community, work together as a group and share the daily tasks such as preparing meals, pulling trailers, washing and tidying up
  3. You can cycle around 50 km per day (probably with some hot, some windy, some rainy and also some just perfectly nice days!)
  4. You are interested to participate by sharing your knowledge, interests and skills with others for example in the form of a small workshop, or some other contribution for the group
  5. You are willing and able to pay a participation fee. You can pay a reduced fee of 30€, the normal fee of 45€ or a solidarity fee of 60€. You can choose the fee according to your economic situation.
  6. You have an address in either Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Latvia, France or Germany (Sorry this is due to our funding conditions, but if you are really eager and you do not fit in this national country requirement, contact us!)
  7. You fill out this application form by June 14th.


If you feel like participating in this trip:

Pump up your tires, oil your chains, ring the bell three times, fill out our application form and submit it latest on

Saturday, 14.06.2014!


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